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About Us

Strategy, Design & Development.

Exalt – To raise to a higher position. That’s what we do, we make each possible effort to take our client’s online business to the next level. We are a creative, talented and highly mechanized bunch of individuals located at 23°01’29.9″N, 72°31’36.9″E in western India and largest city referred to as Ahmedabad. Our firm is curated with a simple philosophy to adjust to our clients need and make sure that we propel our capabilities and render the most seamless experience to our client and on the same hand inculcate the best practices in making sure that their online business is established and it grows.

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Our Focus

Our elementary focus is to understand our client’s requirement and based upon that we nurture them to transform business processes into successful output with the assistance of technology. In order to propel our client’s business, we have indoctrinated a comprehensive strategy which keeps in inline towards one vision- Clients success.



We consistently put in our best effort for research to harvest the highest level of excellence in the field and remain excellent. To facilitate this, our core team has several sessions with clients to learn about the dimension of their revolutionary ideas and deliver prolific services accordingly.


Planning a Solution

We have a crisp team of Magento Certified Technocrats with close to a decade of experience in planning a strategic solution which is technologically sound. Here we garner a list of exact requirements and come up with an ideal approach. We make sure to deliver right solution with a perfect blend of skills and experience.



Execution is the most vital aspect when it comes to success, for this we have a simple approach, put in the best efforts in terms of Design, Development and Quality Testing and as per our years of experience. If the blend of all the 3 aspects mentioned above is made in the right proposition, then the end result can only be described in one word – Success.

Cost effective with the core essence of quality is our Mantra which results into growth in business for our clients


Our services



We help you adopt the latest ecommerce platform, the revolutionary platform which is going to rule the ecommerce helm for the next 1 decade, contact us now to know more.



Curating a custom ecommerce solution is one of our forte, we are expert when it comes to getting your ideas and concept in a live format and on the same hand taking care of the best practices which are accepted worldwide.



Getting pixel perfection when it comes to transforming a PSD into a live Magento based e-store is quint essential and that’s what we promise and deliver via our PSD to Magento services.



In today’s fast paced world, your customers are not going to wait for allowing the website to load and at Exalt we make sure that we refurbish the e-stores in such a nice manner that they achieve the globally accepted load time parameters.



Our Version Upgradation services comes with various performance improvements and bug fixes. Upgradation is a culminated process where the library and other methods are modified or removed in the new version to help you get the best solution online.



3rd Party integrations are a breeze when it comes to Magento and we are also pioneers when it comes to such integrations and we have proved it time and again for our client’s world over.



Magento CE and EE comprise of approx. 235,000 shopping carts deployed on the Internet. So, its time for you to start exploring Magento.



Magento Modules are core part of any e-store and whilst creating a custom module, we follow a core rule – “do not tamper with the core files” this is what makes modules created by us Robust, scalable and Agile.



Magento code audit is a process of analyzing various components of Database, Website’s Code and Server that helps to create the roadmap which strives as a beacon to guide our clients on what road to choose ahead for their success.

Our Recent Work

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Our Strategic process

Our Customer centric approach comprises of 3 crucial parameters, which are – alignment towards our client’s vision, bringing to life their design expectation and backing them with a long term support to help them grow. This has served to very productive mix and lead many of our client to the way of success. Our broad-line approach also comprises of the below mentioned facets and we take each step with the utmost care

Solution Discovery

This aspect is vital core for any kind of solution that we plan along with our clients and comprises of many questions being thrown form our end towards you.

Functional Specification

On the basis of the inputs received from the Solution Discovery phase, our expert team of Solution Specialist and Solution Architects curate a functional specification document which serves as the tomb stone for the entire development.

Ecommerce Roadmap

We consider it our prerogative to make sure that the clients vision and mission are properly aligned to an ecommerce roadmap, which might compel us to define the subsequent phase of the project or add things as in when we march ahead.

Creative Design

Our Designing team has more than 9 years of experience in working for different industries and throughout this years, we have managed to always deliver on the client’s expectation amidst making sure that we adopt all the standard best practices.

Site Development

This is stage where we work as a mechanized unit, as our front-end developers starts implementing the theme and then the back-end developers join in, this process is so streamlined and one toned that the chances of any errors are minimalistic. Also, the kind of dedicated QA phase we have enabled, makes sure that our clients get the best delivery.

Pre-Launch Planning

At this stage, we join hands with our clients to make sure that the appropriate knowledge is transferred and all the other details are taken care of in terms of a marketing planner and a launch strategy.

Post-Launch Support

Once we have launched and the webstore starts performing, we do not stop there we pick up the mantel again and continuously help you in terms of performance tuning and post launch support and for this we have the ability to curate custom Support packages which fits in your need perfectly.

Planned Enhancements

As described in the ecommerce roadmap section, this is the stage where our clients have launched their successful webstore, started gaining mileage and need a further impetus which can push them into creating a bigger name and that’s when we initiate the other phases which can help them grow further.

Data-Driven Improvements

Our expert team of consultants are the best fit for analyzing the store data and the intel that we derive into making sure that we can plan the next steps.

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Exalt Commerce was founded in 2013, with the ultimate vision: Turn innovative concepts into profit yielding technological solutions, which can work aligned with the client’s business strategy.

In case you have any questions about us, want to know more about the actual people behind Exalt commerce or just want to have a casual chat about your eCommerce vision or some issues that you are facing with you live e-store, feel free to get in touch with us and we would respond back to you in maximum 1 Business Day.

Let’s make something remarkable together.

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5 Days a weekfrom 10:00 AM To 11:00 PM (IST)