An approach that appeals to each entrepreneur and every business.

Our business Models are result of our years of experience and this experience includes multiple clients from world over and covers each and every possible kind of project that any client might have in his kitty. Having a right evaluation or projection methodology is also one more crucial aspect that we cover in each business model that we have so that our clients are clear on what they would get and we are clear on how we can deliver it.

Fixed Value Approach

In several projects, the requirement is clearly outlined at the first junction of the project itself. In this case, our fixed value business model approach comes into picture. There’s a really low risk associated with this kind of project, as we offer an assurance that the ongoing project will be completed inside the budget limits and the timeframe given by the client. This is one of our most suggested way to work which has equally satisfied our clients for years.

The stipulated budget for this kind of project is well explained to the client, which leads to a crystal-clear idea about the delivery of the project. Just in case there are changes which arise at a later stage, the client is charged a pre-negotiated per hour rate. This technique is best suited for majority of the business owners and Entrepreneurs who are the end users of the project. This technique works best once the clients have closely specified projects requirements which need minimum intervention from their end.

Time and Material Approach

Time and material approach are encouraged in specific cases; where the client isn’t certain about the project specifications within primary phase. Additionally, it becomes tough to work out the scope and specifications of the project within the primary phase. Under this, the Exalt team ideally suggests the “Time and Material Approach”. Here the clients are charged in as per the working hours that are utilized for stipulated project.

When the scope of the project specifications become concrete, then the fixed value approach is primarily adopted. On the other hand application the time and material approach, either case we would totally guarantee complete transparency concerned to the effort that we put in to your project. crystallized over a span of your time.

Being transparent, honest and dependable is what we are for you, no matter what approach you choose.

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