Make your System More Roboust by Magento 3rd Party Integration

Magento Platform has been one of the most powerful platform till date, by enabling magento 3rd party integration services to be integrated seamlessly through Magento Web APIs it makes sure that the merchants are able to leverage the most when it comes to ecommerce operations. Magento Currently supports many 3rd party systems such as Accounting, ERP, CRM, Product Information Management and Marketing Automations.

We can also build a customized application depending on the requirements of clients and integrate it seamlessly into scalable Magento e-tailing ecommerce solutions.

Magento is known for its open source compatible nature and customizable functionalities that offer a world class ease to use controls for merchants and clients. Magento has been always great when it comes to providing the best online shopping experience and by enabling merchants to take complete control over the shopping aspect has made it merchant friendly as well. Magento comes with a couple of inbuilt features and functionalities for merchants so that they can start with a standard Magento Ecommerce Web Store. Although with the help of 3rd party integration, our clients can boost up their sales and overall operational capabilities.

When it comes to 3rd party integration, we consider many facets so that we can suggest the ideal work ahead catering to your business. In some cases, it may happen that there is a need to integrate large data and to transfer data from one system to other and in this there are greater chances of mess being created when it is done manually. We can help you automate this processes so that bigger disasters can be avoided.

At Exalt, we have a team of Magento Certified Developers that are expert in integrating various systems on to Magento Ecommerce Platform.

Magento Ecommerce Platform can be Integrated with:


  • ERP
  • CRM
  • POS
  • Order Management
  • Accounting
  • Warehouse
  • Fulfilment
  • Search/Personalization
  • Analytics


We work in a pre-defined format for magento 3rd party integration and deliver exceptionally as per client’s business needs.

3rd party integration features that can boost your ecommerce sales:

Customer Sync
A place where data of the already existing, new and guest customers are stored to help you easily track and make the process smoother.

Item Sync
A place where existing and newly added items are stored / maintained with all the attributes along with details like price, description, images, category and more.

Sales Order Sync
A place where order details are kept or registered and guest users along with other essential details like payment, shipping details and more.

Shipment Sync
A place where all the shipping related details as well as other carried out details alike generating a tracking no., charges for shipping and more are stored.

Invoice Sync
A place where critical details related to payment, order no, order quantity, offline Cheque and updates are safely stored.

Stock Notification
A place where all the stocks is maintained and which is constantly updated to let the clients get what is available and notifies the store owner for any updates related to stock with the exact amount of inventory.

The inbuilt functionalities in Magento are very robust but most of the store owners will need to integrate cross selling channels via ERP. We have the right approach to successfully plot & integrate 3rd party Solutions.

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