Magento Code Audit

A Audit to know how you can Further Propell your Growth

About Magento Code Audit

Magento code audit is a process of analyzing Database, Website’s Code and Server that helps to create the roadmap which guides Exalt’s team and Client for the steps which are required to be taken. Generally, code audits are performed for our new clients who aren’t looking forward to re-platform or re-build, but are looking forward to improvements on all levels.

This process could be elaborated for your better understanding and could be compared to a device getting analyzed by the technicians for bugs or malfunction. The developers at Exalt takes a look at every aspect and defines the issues along with the needed corrective measures to be taken to overcome the problems.

Typical Lookouts during a Code Audits:

  • Comparative analysis of core code with platform specific needed file.
  • Checking for adherence of Coding best practice
  • Checkout and user journey is analyzed.
  • The front-end team checks if the theme is setup properly or not and verifies structures
  • The back-end team checks modules and every code to ensure industry standards are followed
  • Cross Browser Compatibility is checked thoroughly to ensure consistent layout
  • Code is analyzed for modification to ensure code quality

In code audits our team critically evaluates the modified codes in the site. As it’s crucial that the core files shouldn’t be tampered and if modifications are found in the code then preventive measures are taken proactively to get it function properly. This plays a vital role when clients are planning for Magento platform upgradation. Once this step is taken it become very clear about the next step to be performed.

The code is then analyzed in depth – in which modules and functions are checked and improvement steps are defined if required. This also helps us in understanding the structure closely.

There are some best practices that are to be followed specifically on the front-end side like W3C Validation, Order of Stylesheet and JavaScript, code minifications and combining JS and CSS. This measures are generally not followed by other agencies or developers during the development and so the system slows down as these small overheads in terms of load time are added. And in this juncture, we inspect all the important aspects and figure out the needed steps to improve on the same.

In the end core audit report is generated with all the issues within the webstore and about each individual page and required preventive measures are stated in such a manner that it’s easy for the clients to take needful decision.

So, the aim behind the code audit is to understand what all improvement can be made at various micro and modular level. Generally, this takes about 7-10 working days to figure out the same and at the completion of the audit you will get a completely prioritized list of issues and recommendations.

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