A Module for Every Unique Requirement of Yours

Magento Modules are quintessential part of any ecommerce solution and while creating a Customized Magento Development it acts as an important part. Magento Extension Development are always specific to e-business needs of the client.

Need a Custom Module for your Store?

We at Exalt, have a team of Magento Certified Technocrats that develop a Custom Magento Extension as per your every unique need. Basically, there are numerable extensions available in the market place with certain functionalities inbuilt, but they have a specific flow according to which the business model mend its ways. If you want your store to work according to your business flow, Custom Magento Extension Development is the ideal choice for you and you do not have to compromise on your business flow.

In a business, you need to always stay updated and upgrade your existing system to current automated format. Business requirements change with the growth volume of business and this call for many things are to be remodeled according to the new needs.

Exalt’s team of developers are always ready to accommodate a new module that can be integrated in your store and we do make sure that our module is compatible with every aspect of your webstore. Although we develop our modules with the utmost robustness, so as to make sure that you don’t have problem upgrading the store.

At Exalt, our developers are immensely experienced to fix your broken extension and get your store up and running in very short time.

Magento Module Development & Integration

Magento has become an incredible scalable platform over a span of time and our developers have gained great experience over the same in terms of setting up complex modules in Customized Magento Ecommerce Web Store. Exalt has been successful in providing customized best in class Modules & Extensions as per the unique needs of our clients. For those who use customized Magento Modules and Extensions and are having issues with the same, we help them by providing backend support.

Basically Module Customization are carried out in 3 code-pools:

  • Core Pools – Contains Core Modules defined in Magento as default.
  • Community Pools – Contains 3rd Party Modules that Extends Core Modules capabilities.
  • Local Pools – Contains Custom Modules that will be used for custom requirements.

Now, weather you need to fix a module that’s giving an issue, create a custom crafted module or extension as per your e-business requirements, we can do it with a flinch and help you customizing your cart by providing support from the backend.

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