Migrate To Magento and Make Your Life Much Easier.

Magento Community and Enterprise edition has a total of. 235,000 shopping carts deployed over the web.

It has a wide range of functionality and features that helps to render multiple store fronts, secured, multi-tier pricing for quantity discounts, reliable upgrades and many more facets.

Magento is very powerful platform because of a large community of developer’s building plugins and extensions that further extends its capabilities.

Invariable of the ecommerce platform you have deployed currently, we can help you move to a better and secured platform by extracting the required data from your existing platform. We have already moved 14+ open source platforms to Magento Platform. No matter how many products you have on your current webstore, we can migrate all the products along with other important data. However, it would be very easy for us to set the same functionality as your existing storefront. Our proposed solution over the Magento platform would always be highly customizable, we can add extensive functionality and also educate you by providing needful guidance on how it can be used for enhanced sales. Magento Migration is a perfect solution to avoid wastage of time & money on monthly basis by patching codes on old system.

Our Magento Developers team knows Magento inside & out, like the back of their hands. Our client-centric approach enables us to envisage our client’s visualization about their business needs and then design the webstores which can generate better ROI.

Migration of Magento Enterprise over to Magento Community Edition

Magento Enterprise Edition has its own scalability options that can help larger webstore owners having higher volume of visitors as well as a large product catalog. You can quickly notice that the scalability makes a huge difference in the ROI, because of streamlined operations with enhanced conversion rates.

Magento Enterprise Edition can cost you around $21,000 per annum and if the yearly sales volume is over $200,000, then Magento Enterprise Edition is your ideal technology partner.

Enterprise does provide you advanced features which gives you added control over the store in your Admin Panel. Most of these features are accessible in the Magento Community Edition also as extensions, however you need to spend lot of time configuring these extensions in Magento Community Editions and make sure that nothing conflicts and grow the same way as you used to, based on Magento Enterprise.

Migration to Magento Community Edition

Want to Migrate your webstore to the Magento Community Edition? Exalt Will Help.

Migration to Magento Community might be a good idea as Magento is used by more than 33% of the ecommerce websites world-wide because it’s a safe and scalable system.

We have worked very hard on the migration process and learnt the techniques required to make it easier. Our core Magento team has devoted thousands of man hours to learn the Magento code base from the scratch level, with the intention that we can influence this expertise in to your webstore migration.

At Exalt, we have culminated the migration procedure with which we can seamlessly migrate your existing store to Magento community edition.

Our Migration Process Contains:

Our Magento Migration Process to Magento Community is very clear and simple:

  • Exporting Data from the Existing System.
  • Installation of the New Version of the Magento Community, preferably 2.0
  • Category, Attributes and Manual Creation of CMS for every facet.
  • Design Migration
  • Product Migration
  • Customer Import
  • Magento Store Configuration
  • Testing & Code Review
  • Go Live

Magento is so powerful that very few customizations are in fact needed and rest can be extended by the use of plugins, themes, extensions which are readily available in the Magento market.

If you want to use Magento for the web store and not sure about how to do that, Exalt can help!

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