Magento Speed Optimization

Bad Performance = Loss To Business

Load time of your website is primary goal of our magento speed optimization. We believe that your customers can’t wait, so every second that is incurred on the website in terms of load time is the amount of business that you lose on a daily basis because every visitor is an opportunity for conversion.

Basically, there are many facets of optimizations that we cater to, when it comes to speed optimizations. We optimize the websites in 3 unique phases:

There are many minor things that are taken care when it’s comes to speed, as every small mistake counts when the page is rendered real-time, which ultimately affect the page speed. Google also considers it as ranking factor and we do believe that your customers should have the best and a fast user experience. So, this invariably means that higher the speed leads to more customer conversion and ultimately more business.


magento speed optimization

Magento Speed Optimization

Website optimizations includes w3c validation for the written codes. Removal of unwanted scripts, styles and programming codes are essentials of website optimizations. Beyond this code minifications also plays an important role to save bytes. Decreasing the http request is the key to decreasing the no. of requests that are fired when an operation is carried out or say the page is loaded and resources are requested. This stage of optimization also caters removing of unwanted redirects, image optimizations, removal of blank or 404 requests and deferring or asynchronously loading some of resources can help load the above fold content faster. The parallelization of resources is important to make your web page open very fast.

This also includes CDN configurations when a website is to be loaded very fast. We take care of all the minute aspects for making your website a skyrocket.

This process of optimization is different for all the websites and every case is different as the way of fetching the resource is different. For a typical advanced optimization image sprite, combining all the JavaScript and Css, hosting images on other faster server or calling from sub domains may be the measures that are incorporated to leverage the performance.

Database Optimization

Database Optimizations

Database optimizations mainly includes indexing and query optimizations to decrease the overall load on the database and to optimize the way the data is fetched. Database plays vital role when large no. of products is fetched and loaded to a shopping cart. Dead lock removal and other optimization techniques are also used to render a better performance.

Server Optimization

Server Optimizations

Server optimization is the most crucial and vital part for optimizing any webstore. This includes enabling various components like server caching, gzipping, configuring e tags, setting up server variables, optimizing server side scaling, setting up encoding header, reducing Dns lookups, defining mime type variables, aiming to decrese server response time and more.

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