Improvement, Dependability and Stability is the Key to Successful Version Upgrade

Our Magento Version Upgrade Service comes with various performance improvements. Upgradation is a process wherein the library and other methods are modified or improved in the new version. Some obsolete codes and methods are eliminated or modified to fix various issues. The upgradation process calls for an experienced developer because of the customization needed during upgradation to the latest stable version. We guarantee the lowest downtime and no data loss. We can enable you to upgrade to Magento 2.0. Upgradation helps protecting against any possible vulnerabilities. So, stay updated and grow your business.

Under any service of magento upgradation, the best practices which we follow – is to analyze your system and then we suggest if the version upgrade is actually needed or not and if needed, then we provide you the quote.

There are many facets that might create an issue while magento version upgradation, depending on your previous developer’s work and the code quality that he has punched in, the version your store is being operated on, extensions compatibility with the latest version and many others. The best practice is to examine the existing code base and various features/functionality that will help us to define the exact scope of upgradation. In some cases, we do suggest to create a new store instead of upgrading the store as there are many inbuilt features that come up with the latest version eliminating some of the extension which are already there. This is our companies best practice before providing ideal solution when it comes to version upgrade.

Are you aware, what is the right time to upgrade your Magento Store? We are repeatedly asked for the right time to upgrade, but as such there is no perfect time to upgrade because upgradation is an enhancement of your store functionality and this is not simple as it looks like, a detailed analysis is needed to specify or answer when to upgrade.

Our team can do it all, troubleshooting Magento Extensions, modifying/improving current modules and making entire store compatible to the latest version of Magento.

For queries and concerns about the design and functionality, there are dedicated project managers and developers who would answer all your queries and then march ahead towards upgradation. This is to ensure everything is on the right track. Testers at Exalt compare each and every page made on a daily basis with each module in parallel to ensure 100% functioning of store after upgradation.

Once the site is approved from our testing team and you, we deploy the site. We have a high track record of upgrading number of Magento Ecommerce Webstores and we are able to do it all with ease, unlike other agencies we don’t just upgrade the version and give out a fully tested version to our clients.

Are you aware about when actually you need an upgrade? OR need to troubleshoot Magento Extensions that are not compatible with new versions of Magento. We have expertise in modifications and customization of modules and any given extensions based on the version. We have undertaken many complex downgrades and upgrades from Magento Community to Magento Enterprise Edition and vice-versa and we are proud to vouch that we have been successful always.

We have helped small time entrepreneurial companies as well as some of the biggest companies in the world for version upgrade service.

So, if you are aiming for Magento Version Upgrade Service, think no further than Exalt Commerce


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