Certified Magento Developers – From Few to 1000+ hrs.

Dealing with a small or medium scale ecommerce store and facing problems? You have knocked the right door, as we have our magento support and maintenance services for all your problems.

Ecommerce stores downtime and operational inefficiency will critically impact any business, causing loss of revenue or harm to the brand name. Exalt ’s technical team ensures that your webstore remains up and operation at an optimum level via providing the needed level support for you to increase your ROI. And that’s not it – our meticulously crafted support packages cover development
as well as you can use your defined hours to enhance your webstores performance. Our Tech team is proactive and versatile, which enables you to run your webstore with ease. We are available around the clock for your business needs on hour on phone, email and chat.

Exalt deploys a dedicated team of Magento professionals for your Support needs, who would ensure your ecommerce channel stays optimized and competitive at every juncture.

Brief on Magento Support Service

We provide our service for all kinds of webstores, starting from a small to medium size Magento based solution, troubleshooting an existing Magento build and integrating your shopping front with CRM, ERP or any kind of accounting system. Whether its conversion optimization, page load issues, bug fixing, module improvements, version upgrade or any other assistance, we are a one stop shop for all your ecommerce needs.

We’re here to create a the most effective codes, but on the same hand make sure it works as perfectly your needs.

We at Exalt believe that your growth is something that can help us grow, so every effort that we make is to ensure that you have the best functioning webstore:
In a Nutshell
  • Pay as You Go & long Term Support Engagements
  • No pre-defined commitment needed
  • Initial ticket response within a couple of business hours
  • Tickets responded on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Magento Certified Developers Deployed for each project.
  • Hassel free sign up & Ticket submission

Pay As You Go

Have you ever faced problems with your Magento store? Exalt will investigate the reason behind the issue and provide a solution to you with our Pay As You Go business model.

This model is basically simple as the name suggests, you pay as and when a new task is raised. So you have a liberty of getting the tasks done as in when the need arises and pay only for the same.

Pay as you go model enables you to get the utmost from Exalt’s expertise, and basically if you need to resolve some of the specific issues then pay as you go model is the best fit for you.

Long Term Support

Our Long-Term Support Packages cover a large amount of preventive and reactive steps that are designed to tackle any issue you may be facing. With a variety of support plans available for you peruse as per the requirements.

Exalt’s Support Packages offer the comfort of knowing that a team of specialists are always accessible to handle and resolve any issues you may face and you are kept in the loop all the time to ensure transparency of the efforts that we put in.

Magento Support Steps


  • A

    Basically, we have pay as you go & long term support plans that enables any Magento Community or Enterprise Magento based clients access to qualitative support as they need require it. There’s isn’t any need to plan to an exact range of hours per month. Our Support structure is completely flexible and it will always suit your need.

  • B

    Once your task is analysed and determined, we would be getting back to you with a proper effort estimation which would let you know clearly the time and cost required to complete any task.

  • C

    Once you send us an approval against our effort estimation, our accounts manager will get in touch with you with an invoice. By this time, we’ll introduce you with our technocrats who will take care of your tasks and share with you the credentials of our ticketing system. Post that you will be directly able to share, review and manage any given task with our developers.

  • D

    Once you submit a ticket, our technocrats will be able to respond within eight business hours. We will make sure that you are informed at every stage about your request, starting from receiving your request till the time the complete execution of the same. Basically, we have a first-come, first-serve queue based ticket resolution system, where everyone is served as per their in-line turn. Our goal is always to resolve the ticket within 24 hours and if we need some more time we would notify you about it. For the requests that are immediate, we do have instant support team, specific to urgent support, working during the business hours but the tasks assigned to this team are at a higher rate.

  • E

    Our service gamut does not only include custom front-end and back-end design & development, extension installation, patch application, bug fixes, performance betterment, speed optimization and more.

  • F

    Access of PMS System
    We work with in house PMS System, that we have and we are also open to use other popular PMS like JIRA, Basecamp, Git, SVN and many others. If you have any specific requirement for using other PMS, we are flexible around that as well.

  • G

    We’ll keep you informed at every juncture. Once we have started working on the ticket, during the course of the work and when it is deployed on your webstore you will be notified, so that you can keep a track of everything. When minor or major updates / changes are to be made to your webstore, we’ll request for the details to be provided on what is the exact issue and of course we’ll get that done as quickly as it can be done. Once everything is good to go and we receive your confirmation about the given task, we would do further testing and then deploy the changes. We are very efficient in resolving tickets and getting things back in order for you.

  • H

    Unused hours will remain with us in your account balance for a period of 6 months.

Our Process: How we Work?

Our refined method is intended to generate desired results and making it work for you in the utmost manner.

Magento Support Service Flow


Our refined method is intended to generate desired results and making it work for you in the utmost manner.

Bug Free Magento Coding

Bug Free Code

Our developers code and test every code line as per the company standards covering all the aspects to provide the best bug free code. We use W3C as a standard along with other coding and framework standards, which are globally accepted for making the code which works best for your business. We also incorporate a passionate team of Quality Analyst to double check the delivered Magento.

Certified Magento Developers

Certified Magento Developers

We have a greater hold on Magento ecommerce development because of our certified resource bank and we incorporate a number of certified developers into each project that we undertake for our clients processing thousands of transactions per day. We have everything strategized in a manner that enables us to even work on live production system and performance on high volume is the simplest practice that we cater. So this ensures that our capability to perform at the same pace invariable to the size of our clients.

Dedicated Magento Support

Direct Access to our Magento Developer

You’ll get all the contact details including name, email and phone number of our Project Manager and Developer, directly who would be accountable of your Magento ecommerce project. Our Project Managers would keep you informed of your project’s status and progress in a timely manner. Additionally, they make sure that your needs and wants as a consumer are met with highest priority.

Affordable Magento Maintenance

Low costs for Magento Developers

Our costs are comparatively lower, however on the same hand our quality & client service along with post launch support is high. Unlike other ecommerce agencies, we can also provide firm quotes for your Magento ecommerce project development and that too at the most cost effective rate, thus you aware of what to expect once you receive your billable. We have the tendency to keep transparency at every stage of development and make sure its satisfied.

Magento Support over phone, email & chat

We Answer the Phone, Emails and Chat

We answer on any communication medium at the every instance and we have real person appointed to help you instantly. We must not have to say this but this is a thing we really feel proud about. We always make sure to revert back to every query of your at the same moment invariably via the medium a phone call, email or chat.

Magento Small Business Website Support

Small projects are Okay

Whether you are a large corporate or a small firm, we have worked with small companies, as well as some of the biggest names in the world. Before starting with a big project with us, we know the first step is always a small task or a project and we are quite okay with the same. Also we don’t have a minimum workload requirement which may restrict you from working with us.

Magento Upgrade Support

Magento Upgrades

Upgrades always a headache because of the relates bug fixes, performances improvements, reliability and other. In order to upgrade from Magento community edition or Magento enterprise edition we do it all and we do it while making sure that all the above-mentioned bottlenecks are completely avoided and also by making it sure that you don’t lose any piece of data and yet upgradation process is carried out in with ease.
At Exalt, we tend to take responsibility for all Magento upgrades project, completely. Keeping the package totally up to given global standards helps us to maintain performance and reliability. We additionally give increased functionality as new options to our customers who enroll for Magento Upgrades.

Magento Performance Tuning

Magento Performance Tuning

In a competitive market, it’s quint essential that your website performs as quick as possible. Every single second can lead to a drop out of a potential customer; our performance tuning team can work inexhaustibly to ensure you’re obtaining the foremost out of your webstore in terms of performance and speed.
Performance tuning inculcates vital aspect like database optimizations, w3c validation, removing the unwanted codes, removing unwanted redirects on your webstore, ordering all the Stylesheet and JavaScript in order to make your webstore renders in the browser very quickly. Things like this are not only taken care on the landing page but all the other pages because majority of the queries are fired from the inner pages to fetch the products and using single image to display the product, which is to be adjusted by the use of thumbnail and a large image that is called upon while browsing any product.

Magento Training

Magento Training for your Team

We impart training to every team member who is handling day to day operations for your Magento Ecommerce Solutions. Whether you have  already developed Ecommerce website on Magento Platform or it is developed by us.

For those who have their Webstore developed with some other agency, we’ll study and analyze the flow and will guide you with all the available features and how to use them in the utmost manner.

For those who are getting their ecommerce developed with us, we will impart training once the ecommerce is fully deployed at our end. We’ll educate your team members about all the steps from the beginning, till the end.

Even after the training sessions is over we are happy to help our customers / consumers at any given point of time. We work to give the utmost satisfaction to our clients.

We constantly strive to achieve beyond what our client’s expectations are.

How to Reach Us



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5 Days a weekfrom 10:00 AM To 11:00 PM (IST)